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Palmieri System

Credit Repair Software

Transform Your Credit Repair Business With Our Industry Specific Solution.

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Generate Factual Dispute Letters With the Click of a Button


  • The First Pre-Litigation Software Of It’s Kind In the Credit Repair Industry
  • Audit All 3 Bureaus Against The Credit Industry Standard
  • Generate Your Dispute Letters With The Audited Data Dynamically 
  • ​Ability To Create Your Own Letter Templates
  • Auto-Import Credit Monitoring Reports
  • Track Which “Round” Your Client Disputes Are Currently In 

Meet Steven Palmieri

Early in my credit repair career, I quickly came to realize that the credit repair software on the market were much better CRMs than actual credit audit software systems. Realizing that credit is reported using the industry standard known as Metro 2®, I knew that disputing the accuracy of the data itself was the key to generating effective dispute letters that were also factually correct in their arguments.

Now, I have brought this innovative dispute software to the marketplace where CROs and attorneys can use it to easily and accurately generate dispute letters that put the data from all 3 credit bureaus into 1 dispute letter. Palmieri System is the first credit repair software that allows you to automatically and easily generate pre-litigation letters that you can confidently submit to an FCRA or FDCPA attorney if the credit is not properly corrected or deleted.

Palmieri System

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